Artist’s Statement

I have always enjoyed drawing and later hand-sculpting and wheelwork with clay. Even more recently, I began painting. Now, after a career in high tech, I am finally able to enjoy making art full-time. I work in a variety of mediums and use color, line, form, and volume to create my art. I spend a lot of time just thinking about an idea. Rolling it around in my head, changing it, and determining how it should be made. The physical process begins when I take raw, found, and unused material and transforming it into something new that fulfills my need to create.

Artist’s Biography

Paul Foote was born and raised in Tampa, Florida at a time when kids went outside and used their imaginations to play and most TV’s were still black and white. Along the way he married his beautiful and talented wife, Colleen, and helped raise two sons. His path through life has given him a loving family, friends, hopefully some wisdom, and far too many possessions which he & Colleen are in a continuous (aka slow) process of paring down.


AVA Gallery, Lebanon, NH

Lakes Center for the Arts, Meredith, NH

Past Affiliations

Lakes Region Arts Association, Tilton, NH, 2017 – 2021